McMahon Surovik Suttle, PC is a highly respected professional legal
corporation whose lawyers engage in the general practice of civil law, state
and federal. For more than 100 years the law firm has represented a wide
spectrum of individuals and business entities in real estate, commercial,
banking, professional, estate planning, probate and trust transactions, and
in family, bankruptcy and employment matters. Our lawyers also engage in
representing clients in trials and appeals in state, federal and bankruptcy
courts throughout Texas.

At McMahon Surovik Suttle, our focus is on our clients, and our lawyers
concentrate their practices in particular areas of law to meet the varied
needs of our clients. McMahon Surovik Suttle, PC has earned a distinguished
reputation for service to the citizens and business community of West
Central Texas. Our offices are located in Abilene, Texas, a dynamic
educational, medical, cultural, industrial and retail center serving people
and businesses within a geographic radius of approximately 100 miles.